DAY 104 ~ Wednesday 27th January

Roatan, Honduras – So, apparently yesterday’s post made Sally Ann cry. I’m not sure if it was an emotional response to the nice things I put about her or the relief that I didn’t mention the Post Office in Cheveley story or any of the sick stories, with my personal favourite being the highly entertaining one that started in the car park in Maisons-Laffitte racecourse and ended goodness only knows where (Sorry Marcus, but those tales are not for readers of respectable daily newspapers!).


Yesterday I used only nice pictures, today I'm putting up this one of you trying to strangle/drown our dogs.

Here in the Western Caribbean, I enjoyed a lovely day in Cozumel, the highlights being a swim in the sea and a foraging expedition to the “Mega” supermarket to replenish my empty stock of popcorn and Zucaritas (aka good old Frosties to you and me).

We’re hosting one of the qualifiers to the “Millionaire Maker” slot machine tournament this week, so the casino has been full of square-eyed button pushers every night. It’s quite a good event actually, with the winner of this week’s heat (basically whoever can frantically tap the button the most times in 2 minutes), receiving $10’000 and a place in the finals in Las Vegas, where they stand a chance to win the million. WOO HOO as they say here!

I also received training on how to deal the blackjack tournament yesterday, so now I can add that to my ever increasing amour of games. The tournament has heats the times a week and the finals in the last sea day. It’s always a lot of fun and generates a good bit of excitement. Fingers crossed I get to deal it for real soon.

Today it’s boat drill, Captain’s meeting and casino meeting once again and to add insult to injury, I’m IPM so stuck on the ship all day. Maybe I should take the chance to get some rest, as it’s 4am and I’m still up. Either that or another gym session wouldn’t go amiss as the plentiful food that’s on offer 5 times a day is soon going to take its toll now that I’m not mucking out and sweeping the yard 6 times a day!


This is how I feel about the line up of this mornings events and IPM duty.


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