DAY 108 ~ Sunday 31st January

New Orleans, Louisiana – I really like New Orleans, it’s a fabulous city to go out in and the only chance all week to wear jeans. Plus last week I was doing directional duty, so couldn’t go outside, so I really really want to go into town, hook up to some wifi and just shop and be normal for a few hours. But I’m exhausted. I haven’t been getting to sleep until 5 or 6 am most days and then it always seems to be a sea day, or some kind of training, or a trip to the beach to get me up early, so I’m really undecided whether to set my alarm or not. Chances are, I’ll either wake up of my own volition before 10am anyway or will be woken by the phone or roommates or a crew announcement at some stage anyway. Best option seems to be to get up and head out into the streets to witness good old NOLA as she gears up for the infamous Mardi Gras!

Another of my roommates, Andreea, got promoted this week, to assistant cashier, so she’s changing cabins and another of the cashdesk team, Charrylou (Philippines), is moving in in her place. Charrylou is always really happy and sweet, so it’s a pleasure to welcome her to our cabin. Plus Andreea will be just along the corridor and in the casino of course!

I dealt the Texas tournament again today and went back and dealt the final table, which was good practice. I even dealt one guy a Royal Flush, which is the first time I’ve ever dealt a 5 card Royal Flush on any of the games, which was exciting.


I'm the Texas Hold 'Em poker Queen this week!

I’ve been busy learning Pai Gow poker, but now also have lots of reading stacked next to my bed as I’m also going to be learning dice from next week. They certainly like to keep you busy here, and if it’s not learning seafarers safety acronyms, it’s itineraries of the other vessels in the fleet, the names of the important officers onboard the Dawn (which change far too frequently for my liking) and now the most complex game in the casino, craps.


What the inside of my brain looks like, with all the learning that's being jammed in!

I’m actually very excited to be given the opportunity to learn the game and really looking forward to it, but it’s going to be hard, so I’m going to sleep as much as possible, when not working, and stay in in port days revising. Well that’s the plan anyway. Diet starts next week, right…?


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