Hippomottie’s Last Day!

Sunday 23rd July 2017

This is it, it’s our LAST DAY on KICKSTARTER!! We’ve worked really hard to bring you such a cute and fabulous toy, so we’re delighted that everybody has shown such great appreciation and back Hippomottie.

Don’t forget if you haven’t signed up yet there’s still time… Click HERE before its too late!


In the mean time Hippomottie decided that a trip to visit Monaco was in order, to visit her co-celebrities.


Hippomottie felt very at home in Monte Carlo. What a place! All that glitz and glamour, expensive cars and obscene yachts!

It was all a bit much for Hippomottie, who decided to take a break from life in the fast lane and relax in a cafe with a croissant and a cold drink.


Don’t forget! You can only get your own Hippomottie or Hippomotto for just a few more HOURS on Kickstarter. #DoItNow!!

Sign up NOW for our best early bird prices and see what journeys Hippomottie can take you on.

And please also spread the word so that everyone can have a chance to enjoy their own cuddly Space Hippo too! Thank you!!


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