Book Sales & Other Stories

Saturday 9th September 2017

Well about 5 days into my life as a semi-professional author and so far so good! Book Two was actually already written before the launch of book one and is undergoing the painstaking illustration phase.

Book 2 is actually way better than Book 1. Even if I do say so myself. Not just because Book 1 (and those of you that have actually read Hippomottie Goes To Space can attest to this) is really bad, but because Book 2 rhymes!! Mostly… With just a big pinch of artistic license and a bit of pronunciation affection needed in parts.

Book 3 has begun the construction/writing phase but has kind of stalled this week due to my new found fame and lack of time. OK, so the word “fame” might be kind of a stretch but the figures don’t lie. So far the E-Book has generated 177 Free downloads and 10 pages have been read by Kindle Members as part of their free sign up service (Yes I don’t really know what that means either). PLUS 10 actual paperback copies of the book have ordered!

WOW! You guys are GREAT! You’re AWESOME in fact. AND for those of you that are in possession, or awaiting delivery, you now own an incredibly rare Limited (by its own frailties) Edition children’s picture story book. Imagine, once I’m dead, this book will be worth a fortune!

Sadly you’ll have to wait for me to die first, because it seems de rigueur for people to be ignored in their living lifetime and then celebrated and adored once they’re six feet under. Well I’m not planning on dying anytime soon so you’ll have to think of your Book as an investment that will pay for your retirement or put your unborn kids through college. You’re welcome.

Anyway, on a brighter note, everything else is good. The pesky children have gone back to school, so the ship is no longer infested with wild packs of untamed ankle biters running up and down the corridors and stairwells. They have however been replaced by gangs of staggering, drunken adults who ought to know better instead.

Still at least these “adults” are old enough to gamble so they can keep me busy in my work and hopefully lose enough shekels to keep my boss happy and the wolves from the door.

Not much else to report. About to go to the obligatory bi-weekly boat drill, so will sign off with a big THANK YOU and have a great weekend everyone. You deserve it!


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