Sunday 24th December 2017

First of all apologies for not giving you the rest of the “Gill Story” yet. It is nearly finished, and maybe I’ll have it ready for Boxing Day, so that you can read it in between the sport on TV, classic movies, leftover turkey, too many sweets and arguments with the family, if they’re still hanging around. We’ll call it a belated Christmas present to my many faithful readers.

In advance of Christmas though, and in absence of the conclusion of my Gill induced Manic Monday, here’s a little free something for you to read instead. Click to download for free for UK or click here to download for USA.

It’s Hippomottie’s Christmas Story, an enchanting, rhyming, festive read, and it’s FREE to download on Amazon & Kindle on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.
I really hope that you enjoy it, and if you do, then please take a moment to leave a review on Amazon. If you hate it please feel free to troll me on any/all social media.

Now don’t forget to leave the mince pies and milk out for Rudolph and Father Christmas and no peeking at the presents under the tree until everyone’s awake.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you all get what you wished for!


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